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The beginning: (OOC reference/enjoyment only, please do not use for IC reference)

What is Known:

Nanshe is the childer of Enlilt, also known as Brandubh to kindred soceity. She is also known as niece to Dr Sirius, and grandchilder to Fiona.

Nanshe has in the past seduced others to the Mother's path, and believed that was her function to the Crone soceity. During that time, she assisted with recruitment and insight during investigations. She was also a part of many rites, and seems to have a natural inclination towards blood rituals. That is where she gained her status and noteriety, as she was quite talented in all her arena as seducer, siren, and ritualist.

However, within the last year, Nanshe was believed dead, and "fell off the face of the earth".

She recently has emerged, claiming she hears the Mother's whispers and sees her visions. Recently, she has been noted as a potential Oracle. She relays her visions and whispers only to those she feel will understand them.

There are whispers about her "tests" as well to those she feels are ready and worthy to be tested.

Either way, visions or tests, she is reemerging further along the path she follows after being away for about a year.

She is known to be with her Sire at this time, whom she calls "Beloved", but has been known to travel, as her gypsy blood calls her to.

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Rumors and Facts

Some are rumors, some are facts.

-Whatever happened in Austin, Texas, it is whispered it left Nanshe as mad as a hatter.

-Nanshe hears the Crone's voice manifest in her ears.

-She kills her lovers eventually like a black widow spider. Her sire's blood bond is the only thing that saved him from death.

-She must consume vampiric blood, and if she cannot receive any, she drinks her own.

-She killed her former heirophant, Mrs Nicklovich, and disposed of the body.

-Her art is incredibly deadly because it involves burning with sunlight or UV rays.

-Her main art is dancing, and she has been known to be quite talented in bellydancing, sensual and/or erotica dancing, and tribal dancing.

-She has tried her hand at politics by influencing someone of importance.

-She believes in destroying and rebuilding to gain refreshed insight, and in doing so, furthers along her path.

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